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The Communications working party will be leading on all communication related to Hazlemere Parish Council. This includes the website, social media pages and newsletters.

The Role of a Working Party for Hazlemere Parish Council

  • To tackle issues as directed by the Council.
  • To be task specific and time limited.
  • To examine an issue in detail, read reports and related materials, examine options, get advice for the Council.
  • To act as experts and/or liaise with experts.
  • To make recommendations to Council.
  • To explain the recommendations, reasons, options to Full Council by way of a written report.
  • To answer questions from the Council.
  • No funding or monies to be spent or committed without delegated authority or prior Full Council endorsement.
  • To discuss, monitor and keep a watching brief as directed by Full Council.

The Committee members are : Cllr. F Doonican, Cllr. P Fleming, Cllr. P Ruffles and The Clerk