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Open Space Working Party 

The Open Spaces Working Party is responsible for the general maintenance of all the land, buildings and equipment owned by the Parish Council including parks, woodland and open spaces. This includes litter and dog waste service collection; benches and seats maintenance, grass and hedge cutting; tree maintenance; daily play ground equipment inspection and maintenance; boundary fence and gate maintenance; upkeep of all building owned and maintenance of all associated signage.

The Open Spaces Working Party is also responsible for the maintenance of the Holy Trinity Closed Churchyard and the War Memorial, over 500 footway street lights, over 70 allotment plots over two sites, six brick bus shelters and 1 metal shelter.

Chairman David Thompson
Vice Chairman Vacant
Members Vacant
John Horton

Jane Baker
Judy Weaver

Open Space Areas (Maintained by Hazlemere Parish Council)

Open Space AreaCouncillor
The Warren
Roberts Ride: small grassed area with trees
Ian Hamilton
Entrance to Cedar Park School Cedar Avenue
Cedar Avenue/Shepherds Lane: grassed area in front of 123/135 Cedar Avenue
Ian Hamilton
Holmer Green Road Open Space inc. part of Footpath HAZ/11 David Thompson
Hazlemere Recreation Ground John Horton 
Rose Avenue Recreation Ground Alan Cecil
Holy Trinity Churchyard
War Memorial
Jane Baker

Curzon Avenue: small grassed area by shops

Leigh Casey

Maple Close: grassed area at the end of Maple Close/ Ilex Close

 Patrick Ruffles

Highfield Way: grassed area fronting houses in Highfield Way

 Alan Cecil

Fallowfield: grassed area adjacent to garages
Beechfield Way: grassed area adjacent to houses
Lowfield Way: grassed area in front 22-42 Lowfield Way
Holmoak Walk: grassed area adjacent to houses

 Leigh Casey

Queensway Allotments
The Dell Allotments
Queensway (12 acres)
Sanctuary Wood

Judy Weaver

Footpaths (responsibility)

Footpath (HAZ/)LocationCouncillor
1, 6 and 8 Around Hazlemere Recreation Ground (Maintained by Hazlemere Parish Council) John Horton
2 Beechfield Way (Maintained by Buckinghamshire Council) Alan Cecil and
Patrick Ruffles
3 Holy Trinity Church car park, Manor Road, St Johns Road to Kingswood (Maintained by Buckinghamshire Council) Jane Baker
4, 5, 15, 16, 17 and 18 Grange Farm (Maintained by Buckinghamshire Council) Catherine Oliver
7 Western Dene to Sawpit Hill (Maintained by Buckinghamshire Council) David Thompson and
Paul Fleming
9 Beech Tree pub to Kingswood (Maintained by Buckinghamshire Council) Fiona Doonican
10 Barnes Lane to Manor Road (Maintained by Hazlemere Parish Council) Alan Cecil
11 Behind Ralphs Retreat, Marys Mead, Toms Turn, Cedar Park School to Cedar Avenue (Maintained by Hazlemere Parish Council) Ed Gemmell
12 Queensway to Penn Road (Maintained by Hazlemere Parish Council) Judy Weaver
13 Oakengrove Lane (Maintained by Buckinghamshire Council) Jane Baker
14 Putnam Lane (Maintained by Buckinghamshire Council) Catherine Oliver


Devolved Services from Buckinghamshire Council (old Wycombe District Council)

The following areas' grass cutting are now maintained by the Parish Council instead of Buckinghamshire Council, there will be eight cuts in a year.

Please see the maps to ascertain the exact areas being maintained which are outlined in red.












Devolved Services From Buckinghamshire Council

Grass Cutting

The following areas' grass cutting are now maintained by the Parish Council instead of Buckinghamshire Council with 8 cuts per annum.










The Parish Council has also taken on cutting hedges/trees shrubs which are a danger to road users/pedestrians on the same areas outlined in green. Landowners must be identified and written to requesting urgent works to be carried using standard letters; should the works not be completed then Buckinghamshire Council will undertake legal enforcement.