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Rose Avenue Recreation Ground

Hazlemere Parish Council own and maintain the large open space recreation ground in Rose Avenue, which features seating, dog and litter bins, an enclosed young Children's Play Area, Youth Shelter, Gym Equipment and Basketball Court, trees, exterior fencing and hedging.

The young children's play area was refurbished in 2013, with all the remaining equipment being repainted by Members of the Public and Councillors; a new piece of equipment was bought and is proving to be very popular. The play ground was reopened in Spring 2013 with a small ceremony including the children from Manor Farm School who gave a musical performance, taught by Avril Thompson.

The grass is cut 16 times a year by the Council's contractor and as needed inside the play area by the Council's Wardens. The hedge along Rose Avenue is cut once a year at the end of Spring in line with the bird's nesting season; an additional cut is made in the Autumn, if required. The other hedge line by Sir William Ramsay School is cut annually.

  • In 2011 the basket ball line were redrawn.
  • In autumn 2012 the hedge beside Sir William Ramsay school was reduced in height to 4' to enable easy maintenance and vision from the school.
  • In summer 2013 a public consultation was undertaken to consider the interest in the Parish Council's investment into outdoor gym and fitness equipment for the local community and this was installed in 2014.
  • Further improvements for 2013 include additional hedging for the hedge along Rose Avenue, together with replacement fencing where it is currently missing.
  • In 2018 additional and improved play equipment has been installed for both younger and older children, together with associated paths.