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There are no upcoming Finance and General Purposes meetings.

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Finance and Governance

The Finance and Governance Committee meet as required, scrutinising the financial transactions of the Council and making any necessary recommendations to the Full Council.

In November the Committee meets to decide on the estimated expenditure for the next financial year; this recommendation is presented to Full Council's Budget Meeting in December for ratification. From these figures the Parish Council's precept (the amount of money the Council requests in the Council Tax under 'Parish') is calculated by Buckinghamshire Council.

This Committee is responsible for the Council's annual external and internal audits, bi annual internal audit and preparation of the annual accounts; together with ensuring that the Council is performing all its legal financial obligations.

The Committee is also responsible for the Council's Policies and Procedures and meet to ensure that these are drafted and updated, when necessary, ready for ratification by Full Council.

Chairman Catherine Oliver
Vice Chair Ian Hamilton
Members Jane Baker
Milly Roberts
Judy Weaver

Salix Loan Approval from Secretary of State

The Parish Council has received approval for the Salix Loan from the Secretary of State for Phases 1 - 4. The approval letter can be viewed from the link below:


Public Works Board Laon (PWBL) for Hazlemere Memorial Hall for £450,000

The Parish Council took out a PWBL for £450,000 on 31 July 2009 for a term of 15 years at an annual interest rate of 3.93% to build the Hazlemere Memorial Hall.

The confirmation of the fixed loan agreement is able to be viewed below:


Grants awarded 2015/16 Financial Year

Remembrance Service Donation to Royal British Legion £100
Grange Area Trust £1,000
Chiltern Dial a Ride £250
Lymphodema Clinic Additional Fire Safety Equipment £618
Hazlemere Fete £250
Hazlemere Bowls Club £250
Manor Farm Pre School £250
Citizens Advice £100

Grants awarded 2016/17 Financial Year

Remembrance Service Donation to Royal British Legion £100.00
Grange Area Trust £1,000.00
Chiltern Dial a Ride £400.00
Thames Valley Police Defibrillator £500
Hazlemere Youth Club £250
Chiltern Society £250
Hazlemere Scouts £250
South Central Ambulance Service £250
Hazlemere Bowls Club £250

Grants awarded 2017/2018 Financial Year

Chiltern Rangers £150
Fish Eye Film Festival £250
Hazlemere Youth Club £250
Hazlemere and Widmer End Good Neighbours £1500
High Wycombe Citizens Advice £250
Chiltern Dial and Ride £400
Grange Area Trust £500
Holy Trinity Junior Football Club Defibrillator £419.20

Grants awarded 2018/2019 Financial Year

Citizens Advice £250
Hazlemere Fete £500
Hazlemere Community £250
Royal British Legion £200
Grange Area Trust £1500

Grants awarded 2019/2020 Financial Year

Hazlemere Fete £250
Royal British Legion £100
Hazlemere Bowling Club £500
8th High Wycombe Scouts £500
Lighthouse £500
Hazlemere Youth Centre £500

Grants awarded 2020/2021 Financial Year

Grange Area Trust £500
Royal British Legion £200
11th High Wycombe Scouts towards heating system £2,487
Charity Donation in memory of deceased Councillor £50

Chairman's Annual Allowance 2021/22

As per Hazlemere Parish Council Budget, it was resolved by Full Council on 7 December 2021 FC06/12/21.3 that the Chairman is awarded an annual allowance for £350 to cover out of pocket expenses occurring during their term of office.