Meetings are now being held online as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. To join in with any meeting click on the link in the agenda. Council business is continuing as far as possible, and you can continue to contact us as shown on this website.

Planning Committee Meeting
19:30, Tuesday 7th July 2020
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Full Council Meeting
20:00, Tuesday 7th July 2020
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Planning Committee Meeting
19:30, Monday 20th July 2020

Planning Committee Meeting
19:30, Tuesday 4th August 2020

Full Council Meeting
20:00, Tuesday 4th August 2020

Latest Updates

Outdoor Play Areas and Gyms Reopening in Hazlemere

Published on Fri 3rd July 2020 Community News

We are pleased to announce that outdoor play areas and gyms in Hazlemere will be gradually reopening from Saturday 4 July 2020 onwards, and ask that everyone who uses these outdoor areas maintains strict social distancing and good hygiene practice.

Accessibility Statement

Published on Thu 2nd July 2020 Community News

Scanned pdf documents do not comply with the Accessibility Regulations 2018. The documents can be provided in an alternative format or media on request.

Playground and Adult Play Equipment Remain CLOSED To All under GOVERNMENT Rules

Published on Wed 1st July 2020 Community News

Hazlemere Parish Council are working hard to undertake all the necessary work and sanitisation programme to open up the play areas as soon as is practically possible. Until these are completed they will remain closed and taped off.

Works for Ground Maintenance at Hazlemere Recreation Ground

Published on Fri 26th June 2020 Community News

Works for Ground maintenance at Hazlemere Recreation Ground The Parish Council’s contractor has completed the task of fertilising the grass in time for the recent rainfall. Together with Hazlemere Sports Football Club and the Parish Council will be applying 20 tonnes of rootzone topsoil treatment and reseeding for the many bare patches that are currently around the halfway line and goalmouth areas, as well as the multiplay goal area, which will also help to smooth out some of the hollows where pools of water tend to accumulate during the rainy season. Later this year, when weather conditions permit, more spraying works will be carried out to control the significant dandelion growth that has occurred this year. Last year’s spraying has largely eliminated the level of plantains that were abundant at this time last year. The area may need to be fenced off.

Terror Alert Advice

Published on Mon 22nd June 2020 Community News

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